For A World Of Colours

Any minute of my life, I would love to escape into a world of colours where structures aren’t the predominant factors and it is colours that matter. A world where nothing else is known, but the bliss of enjoying the blending of different colours that results in the formation of a new, spectacular beauty.

The air is colourful and shimmering. People speak and express themselves in terms of colour. Anything dull that hasn’t absorbed the different shades and hues is confiscated. The very bodies of all animals are patches of different colours like the sky during sunset. All have an innate passion for art and hence the entire world is a masterpiece. All the seven billion people on earth, each unique, yet artistic, would make the world mind-blowing!

However, ultimately, such a world will crave and demand another world to escape into and hence numerous worlds will be created by our imagination.

So, the world I am in is probably the best. Though, at times, when I wish for another, I stick to the fact that escaping from this world is something I would regret. Fantasies are in their place and may they remain so. This world teaches us how to live.

– Samyukta (2013, student of The Peepal Grove School, an alternative residential school in India)

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