About the School

The Peepal Grove School was founded in 2006

The Peepal Grove School was founded by Sri M - an educationist, social reformer, author and spiritual leader. It was inaugurated by the then President of India, Dr Abdul Kalam in December 2006.

The Peepal Grove School is located in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh (India).

  • 180 km from Bengaluru, the school is a 3.5-hour drive from Bengaluru Airport

  • 75 km from Tirupati

The school is spread over a 30 acre campus, surrounded by hills. The campus has a rich biodiversity that is home to a variety of birds, butterflies and flora where children learn to live in harmony with nature. The school has adopted several environmentally sustainable projects such as rainwater harvesting, biogas, composting, solar power generation, reed bed and Miyawaki forest.

Sri M’s objective in setting up the school was to make the students self-reliant (Independent thinkers and learners). Our academic programme is designed to encourage students to go beyond the syllabus by awakening curiosity and developing creativity and critical thinking. Students learn through discovery and experimentation. Teachers play the role of friendly guides who inspire students through dialogue and discussion, instead of ‘spoon-feeding’ them.

The school has a capacity for 180 students.

The Peepal Grove School is affiliated to the CISCE Board.

The ratio of girls to boys is currently 40% girls: 60% boys.

A maximum of 25 students are admitted to a grade (only one section per grade).

We take students from Grade 4 to Grade 9 and in Grade 11. The minimum eligible age of a student is 8.5 years for admission to Grade 4.

We have a diverse mix of teaching faculty drawn from all the regions of India. All our teachers have a B.Ed degree and a Graduate/Post Graduate Degree. They are oriented to use a variety of methodologies to cater to different learning styles and to enable deep learning. Professionals from varied domains are invited to conduct workshops to share their domain knowledge and experience.

Morning activities start at 6.30 am with Yoga/Music/Fitness activities, followed by breakfast, assembly and classes. Post lunch students have silent time in the dorms for about 2 hours during which they read books and rest. Sports hour starts at 4:00 pm for juniors and 5:00 pm for the seniors, followed by their snack time, shower & dinner. Post dinner, students assemble for an hour of prep time and return to their dorms for a bit of leisure/self-study before retiring for the night.

Classes are held for 45-90 minutes.

Parents receive a detailed progress report over email at the end of each term. In addition to this, parents meet each subject teacher once a term and get detailed feedback on their child’s progress. The feedback is usually diagnostic and formative in nature (non-judgmental).

Students are drawn from across all regions of India and also from overseas creating a diverse and multicultural environment.

Life@the School

Dormitory occupancy is capped at 8 students per dormitory.

Senior students are allowed to use personal digital entertainment devices such as portable MP3 audio players for restricted duration over the weekends. The devices are subsequently handed over to the house parents.

Students are allowed to use the internet in the computer lab with restricted access.

Students are not permitted to keep any money with them. Should the students need any item during the term, the school procures it on their behalf after assessing the need. These are accounted for as end-of-term expenses and shared with the parents.

We believe in a healthy and natural interaction between boys and girls. They learn to respect and value one another. They also learn to collaborate in the classroom and also on the games field. The school has a clear policy against any exclusive friendships.

Students play matches in the sports field. Some of them cycle around the campus. Treks are also organised on weekends. Children are also found spending time in the Art Block, Music Room or Kalaripayattu pit. Teachers are available to help students facing any difficulties with their academic work.

The Peepal Grove School has no uniform. Students adhere to a dress code (semi-formal attire). They are provided with a list of clothes and accessories which they need to adhere to.


The school receives applications from October 15th to March 15th, every year. If the seats for a particular grade are filled, we stop receiving applications for that grade earlier.

Our academic session starts in June every year.

Details on this can be found on our website

No, we do not accept students in Grades 10 & 12.

Refer to our website for further information on admission procedure and application forms . After receiving the application forms, the following process is administered depending on the grade the student is applying for:

  • Grades 4 - 7: Parent & student interviews

  • Grades 8 & 9: Parent & student interviews and a written test in Mathematics and English

  • Grade 11: Parent & student interviews and a written test in the chosen subjects

Refer to our website for tuition fee information

Career Counseling & University Enrolments

The Peepal Grove School collaborates with a carefully assessed career counseling organisation that helps students discover their areas of interest for further study.

Additionally, regular Alumni sessions are held where students get to interact with the alumni online or in person. This helps students engage with the alumni who also serve as mentors and guide our students with applications.

The Peepal Grove School does not solicit admissions for any university. However, university admission announcements are regularly shared with the parents so as to enable them to evaluate university options objectively and independently.

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