Dancing to Teach

A group of 11th & 12th graders press softly on wet clay till it takes the shape of a dome...Another student devises a clay ribbon with intermittent stripes…After a while all the pieces of moulded

Lessons in Losing and Winning

What does it mean to be a successful athlete? Is success only about winning or can there be some learning involved as well? I might be able to answer these questions by sharing a few lessons that a

Chandrayaan-3: A Journey of Pride and Wonder

As the nation awaits the historic landing of Chandrayaan on the moon today, I can’t help but reminisce July 14, 2023 with awe and wonder. This was the day when the students of Grades 10, 11 and 1

A year of mentoring with Experiential Learning

Dr. Rahul Garg, a Professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Delhi, joined The Peepal Grove School on a sabbatical in 2022-23 to lead Experiential Learning at our school. Dr

In the Kalari Pit

A tiny lamp blinked at the far end of the kalari pit of The Peepal Grove School. The speck of fire seemed to be watching quietly as the boys and girls of Grades IV and V synchronised their limbs

Fail the method, not the child

It was John Holt who famously said, fail the method, not the child, back in the 1970s. However, this seems so difficult in practice. When we say ‘fail’ it doesn’t necessarily mean

A Gift And Memories

Each student here at The Peepal Grove School, an alternative boarding school in India, when they leave, will carry back with them a gift- something they have either learnt or improved upon, during

A Question On Reality

Many times in life, when we are neck deep in dilemma and do not know what to do, we often hear ourselves saying “I just want to do the right thing”. Here, a fundamental question on and

For A World Of Colours

Any minute of my life, I would love to escape into a world of colours where structures aren’t the predominant factors and it is colours that matter. A world where nothing else is known, but t

If I Believe

I’m not going to stop till I touch the skies,
I’m reaching for the stars, all set to fly.

Dreaming big each night and day,
If I believe, I can catch the sun rays.

River Ganga | Saving India's Lifeline

Over the past few years, I have been deeply concerned at the monumental environmental threats faced by the Himalayas and, Ganga in particular. These two have remained our cultural icons since times

What Children Need From Their Parents

Most of the time, parents have some expectations about what their child should do or be. And it is assumed that it is the child’s job to reach his/her parents expectations and fulfil their &l

A Crash Course In Numbers

Mr. B. Sankararaman stayed at The Peepal Grove School for more than a week and provided the 12th graders of the school with a crash course in Math as well as helped build 3D math models with classe

With Grace

“It’s been a lovely experience for me – a learning experience. This is a beautiful family here and I enjoyed my time with the children. It’s been therapeutic.” Said Mr


Mr. Nandan Bal (Former India Player and Davis Cup Coach) was with us for 4 days working with students at our alternative school in india and training them in the basic techniques, motor skills, co-

It's A Mans World

I’ve heard all the arguments a gazillion times. Yes, women do have more freedom than before but at what price? At whose mercy? The world was created for both men and women to live beside each oth

It Has Begun, Board's

Despite everything, that one word is enough to make me instantly wary.

It’s just an exam (like any other), just examiners (like any other), and just results (like any other…?). Right? T

Man and Woman

You and I. We live together,
In the same place, with the same people.
But we do not lead the same lives.

Yours is a world of perpetual victory-
Of constant laughter as you pl

A Few Random Thoughts That Formed A Word, A Sentence, And Soon A Whole Essay!

I realized, well I keep realizing, that it’s been more than a year since I’ve joined PGS. And out of the not-so-many students we have, there are a lot of people who I don’t know a

A Coach And A Friend

Mr. Ashwath Aiyappa, a professional cricketer, comes to The Peepal Grove School, an alternative residential school in india, to coach our boys cricket. He takes up the responsibility of igniting th

On The Right Track

If you visit this alternative boarding school in India on a Sunday evening expecting to find a lot of weekend sloppiness around, you will be in for a surprise. What you will find are students

Simply Spanish

Sergio Bhaiyya who hails from Spain and his wife Marina Akka, a native of Italy, joined The Peepal Grove School, alternative residential school in india as Yoga instructors this year. In addit

Be Cool, Pretend Earth's Not Dying

If you think about it, it’s actually very sad.

Learn from an alternative residential school in india

All of us are wrapped in our own lives; we don’t even stop to think that- he

Learning The Natural Way ­ Alternative Schools In South India

In a city where IIT – Joint Entrance coaching starts at the age of 11, there are a handful of children who are staying away from the mad rush of competitive classrooms. Parents say that opting fo

Coiling In Style

The students of The Peepal Grove School, an alternative boarding school in india had the rare opportunity to venture into the entrancing world of quilling thanks to Mrs. Shri Jadeja, a quilling exp

The Peepal Grove School ­ Art And Space

Splash! Sploosh! Colours! Colours everywhere. This is what I have been watching my mom do since I was a kid. I have seen her put every bit of her being on to her canvas. She put no restrictions and

A Dream - Living And Working At An Alternative School Like PGS

When we embarked on the task of being parents, little did we know about raising a child. But of one thing we were sure, we wished for him, of course, the BEST!

By best, we didn’t mean any

Maneka Gandhi's Visit to PGS ? An Alternative Boarding School

Smt. Maneka Gandhi, Member of Parliament and erstwhile Union Minister for Environment and Forests made a two day visit to The Peepal Grove School, an Alternative Boarding School in India on the 28t

An Alternative School in India

This school has given me everythingI have learnt that a teacher can be a friend have experienced teaching which you cant describe in words.

It is the best residential school Ive ever been to.

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