Apart from adequate qualifications, our teachers demonstrate a passion for their subject. They are oriented to use a variety of methodologies to cater to different learning styles and to enable deep learning. While the teachers are from different backgrounds themselves, they have found common ground in the school’s vision of education for children wherein they have the space to question, change and grow.

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WHY Matters : The Peepal Grove School Chronicles

I joined The Peepal Grove School (TPGS) as a 6th Grader in 2007 and was immediately swept up by the hills, the scent of lemongrass and the light brown mud that I would later find on just about all my clothes for 7 years!

I loved the big Jamun trees at

Dancing to Teach

A group of 11th & 12th graders press softly on wet clay till it takes the shape of a dome...Another student devises a clay ribbon with intermittent stripes…After a while all the pieces of moulded clay are assembled and take the form of Sanchi Stupa. The inst

Lessons in Losing and Winning

What does it mean to be a successful athlete? Is success only about winning or can there be some learning involved as well? I might be able to answer these questions by sharing a few lessons that athletics has taught me.

I look back to an incident f

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