The Library in the school caters to the students as well as the teaching staff. The youngest person using the Library would be around four, and the oldest, over sixty.

The books, then, have varying levels of difficulty and their content too would have to be vastly different in order to appeal to such varying age groups. In this Library, one can see a book by Dr. Seuss as well as complex books on scientific and other topics. Reference books such as encyclopedias can be seen as well as fiction and non- fiction.

The school is far away from any bookshops and consequently, most books are bought online. Well-wishers also donate a few. The school encourages students to refer to as many sources as possible so along with the internet, students often look to the Library for more information. Students are also encouraged to read for pleasure. It is seen that, at any given moment, a specific genre/ author is very popular and effort is made to see that students (mostly) get what they want. A certain amount of guidance from the teachers steers students so that they always read a good mix of authors and genres.

Books can be agents of change as well as windows to new perspectives. It is hoped that, given all these factors, the Library in The Peepal Grove School ( with more than 6000 books) is what any Library should be: fun, informative and stimulating.

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