A Crash Course In Numbers

Mr. B. Sankararaman stayed at The Peepal Grove School for more than a week and provided the 12th graders of the school with a crash course in Math as well as helped build 3D math models with classes 6, 7 and 8.

On being asked about his experience in the alternative residential school he said “At a personal level my wife and I had a thoroughly enjoyable stay amidst caring and affectionate people. PGS is a beautiful place and it will continue to attract good and talented people all the time. I would love to keep coming back here.” The students greatly benefited from his visit and we hope to see him back time and again.

(B. Sankararaman is one of the most senior teachers at The Valley School, Bangalore. He was also the former Headmaster of the Senior Section at the school, these were his thoughts on this alternative residential school)

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