On The Right Track

If you visit this alternative boarding school in India on a Sunday evening expecting to find a lot of weekend sloppiness around, you will be in for a surprise. What you will find are students in sportswear, running towards the gate to get cycles for the cycling expedition.

 These expeditions can last from two to four hours, depending on the stamina of the cyclists. The cyclists usually go around the hills, into the unexplored areas. And although sometimes small accidents happen, like punctures or breaking of the mud guards which slow down the cyclists massively, the other students show solidarity and help them get back on the road.

 And whatever their purpose for cycling , to check their physical endurance, to bask in the natural surroundings or to have a nice outing, they all come back to P.G.S. with a smile on their face… and a bucketful of sweat.

 The Peepal Grove School is a leading ICSE alternative boarding school in india. Apart from excellence in academics the students have ample opportunities to explore other dimensions of their personalities.

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