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Sergio Bhaiyya who hails from Spain and his wife Marina Akka, a native of Italy, joined The Peepal Grove School, alternative residential school in india as Yoga instructors this year. In addition to yoga, interested students and teachers undertake basic lessons in Spanish from Sergio Bhaiyya. The last word that would come to one’s mind while describing Spanish classes would be “boring”. While we have gone through the basics of Spanish like the alphabet, numbers, verbs, measures of time and greetings, most of our classes have been unconventional.

 To cite an instance, on entering the class one day, we found ourselves in Restaurant “Sergio” ( Sergio’s restaurant). We were introduced to the names of some Spanish delicacies and what more; Bhaiyya even took orders from us and issued us the bill. The only thing missing was real food.

 Perhaps the most unforgettable of all was the Spanish assembly where we rendered a simple, yet magical song on the Elements as taught in class. After about a dozen fun-filled Spanish classes, some of us are dreaming of the day we could be found on the streets of Madrid or Buenos Aires, happily conversing with the locals.

 And the worst part about Spanish classes? Its only once a week!!

 Eso es todo, amigos (That’s all, folks).

 The Peepal Grove School is run by The Satsang Foundation, alternative residential school in india. It aims to fulfil the vision of Sri M, who founded the school in 2006 to provide schooling in an environment of friendliness and positivity.

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