For A World Of Colours

Any minute of my life, I would love to escape into a world of colours where structures aren’t the predominant factors and it is colours that matter. A world where nothing else is known, but the bliss of enjoying the blending of different colours that results in the formation of a new, spectacular beauty.

The air is colourful and shimmering. People speak and express themselves in t

What Children Need From Their Parents

Most of the time, parents have some expectations about what their child should do or be. And it is assumed that it is the child’s job to reach his/her parents expectations and fulfil their ‘dreams’ about him/her. These expectations usually turn into rules and the parents’ job has become ensuring that the child follows these ‘rules’.

Usually, when childr

It's A Mans World

I’ve heard all the arguments a gazillion times. Yes, women do have more freedom than before but at what price? At whose mercy? The world was created for both men and women to live beside each other at par with each other. Just take a second to think about it and be honest:

 Are We At Par?

 A boy of my age can leave his house for whatever reasons without being asked too many

It Has Begun, Board's

Despite everything, that one word is enough to make me instantly wary.

It’s just an exam (like any other), just examiners (like any other), and just results (like any other…?). Right? The only difference is that I am in an alternative school in India

But somehow when I hear the word ‘Boards’ I think of a room with a really high ceiling and my classmates and I scratching

Man and Woman

You and I. We live together,
In the same place, with the same people.
But we do not lead the same lives.

Yours is a world of perpetual victory-
Of constant laughter as you play the game.
I neither lose nor cry. Not because
I win the game with you,
But because I’m not in it
At all.

At every step you take,
You are encouraged,

Be Cool, Pretend Earth's Not Dying

If you think about it, it’s actually very sad.

Learn from an alternative residential school in india

All of us are wrapped in our own lives; we don’t even stop to think that- hey, if the earth finally does end…then we’re going to end too. We’re going to die along with it too.

Wouldn’t it be better if we paid a bit more attention to earth now? Than worry and p

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